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Mayor Ryan Smith

Since early in my administration we have been hard at work on a major project that began with branding efforts for our community.  After establishing an official City Logo, City Seal, and Branding Statement the next step was to move forward with a new website.  We are proud to announce that our new website is “officially” live and online for your viewing at This marks not only a major step in improving our online presence for potential visitors, but it also will serve as a source of information and practical application for our residents.  While the website is currently live, you will continue to see many updates.  Soon you will be able to conveniently go online to view and pay your utility and tax bills through our website.  Through the site, Internet browsers can learn more about the history of our community and what we have to offer; tourists can learn about our events and festivals; our local businesses will benefit from our lodging and shopping guide; residents will not only gain the benefit of bill paying online, but be able to view potential job opportunities and also have ready access to news and community efforts through our news feed and social media links.  Please take the time to go online and study the website so that you can learn to navigate through it and refer others to the wealth of information it offers.  This is a great step forward as we want you, as residents of Fentress County, to be informed of all the things we are doing to improve our services, facilities, community life, and economic development.  You now have more ready access to learn about the details of everything that is taking place behind the scenes. I invite you to let us know what you think and enter the conversation about what is going on in our community.

As another point of interest, this week the City of Jamestown awarded a much-anticipated bid of $247,500.00 to Utility Service Company, Inc. of Perry, Georgia to rehabilitate the City water tower located across from The Jamestown Regional Medical Center.  This project was originally anticipated to cost much more and require rebuilding the water tank completely or going inside to sandblast the tower before resurfacing the inside.  Fortunately, with the help of our City Engineer, Thomas Bennett, we were able to discover a new technology that has recently been developed that allows us to go inside and resurface the interior much more economically by applying a new coating to the walls of the tank.   This accomplishment is a much-needed action in order to insure safe quality water to our community.   Be on the lookout for this project to be completed in the next three months.  We will be keeping you updated on the progress of this project as it nears completion.

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Minute with the Mayor 8-19-15